Register today for upcoming Fall Training Classes in 2018

Exceeding Expectations!

Register today for upcoming Fall Training Classes in 2018

Mark your calendar and register today for upcoming training classes offered by UPD!

Fall Training Classes for 2018 

Gas Furnaces

This class will introduce the Armstrong 80% and condensing furnaces including the modulating furnace.  A review of proper installation with special consideration given to vent and combustion air piping.  The sequence of operation for single stage, two stage and the modulating will be discussed.  Proper setup and troubleshooting will be an important part of the class.   Class includes text.

Day Date Location Time  Cost
Thursday Oct 18, 2018 Rosedale 8 am – 12pm  N/C
Tuesday Oct 23, 2018 Dulles 8 am – 12pm  N/C
Tuesday Oct 30, 2018 Salisbury 8 am – 12pm  N/C

CFC Certification

Class is an overview of the proper handling of chlorofluorocarbons as required by the EPA.  Study materials will be available two weeks in advance.  Time will not permit all areas of the test to be covered in class so it is recommended that the student read the study guide before coming to class.

Cost is $100 which includes study guide and lunch.

Day Date Location Time Cost
Thursday Sept 6, 2018 Salisbury 8 am – 1 Pm $100
Tuesday Sept 11, 2018 Dulles 8 am – 1 Pm $100
Thursday Sept 13, 2018 Rosedale 8 am – 1 Pm $100


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